Why develop the Kaleido Box?


Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” 

– Damon Richards

For as long as I can remember, pharmacies in India have been local business. A pharmacist sets up shop at a major junction or near a hospital/clinic in the city/town and expects customers who live in the area or the ones that visit the hospital/clinic to drop by and pick up their medications at the shop. There are a limited number of chain pharmacies in India, if they exist, they are typically regional, only a couple have spread across regions. Online pharmacies or e-commerce companies selling pharmaceutical products have been a fairy recent market entrant.

In all these variants of the pharmacy business, the service provided by the pharmacy has not changed. A customer provides the prescription to the pharmacist, the pharmacist provides the medications and the customer takes home the medications provided.

In an ideal world, the doctor or her nurse assistant should explain to the customer how she should take her medications. If not, the pharmacist at the pharmacy should spend some time with the customer explaining how she should take her medications. This way, the customer is confident about how to go about incorporating her medication regimen into her daily life. Unfortunately, given the paucity of healthcare providers in India and the volume of customers, only a limited set of customers receive the instructions necessary to be fully compliant with their prescribed medication regimen.

Even among the ones that do receive adequate instructions, there are customers who need the support of a caregiver (husband, wife, son, or daughter) to adhere to their medication regimens. Why? Primarily because medication regimens are often complicated, they include multiple pills that need to be taken at specific times; this is especially true for individuals with chronic conditions.

At Kaleido, we organize our customers medications by dose (morning after meals, night after meals, etc.), into the Kaleido Box (typically for a month) and deliver the medicines to the customer’s home. In addition, we keep track of our customers refills and ensure that they never run out of their medicines. We believe that this is a natural evolution for the pharmacy business; from being local to being more personalized and customer-centric. The evolution addresses several customer pain-points, a) lack of adherence to the medication regimens as prescribed, b) need for organizing the medication regimen or caregiver dependence, c) lack of understanding of medication regimens and its purpose, d) issues with access to the medications.

We hope that you (or someone that you care for) will try our service and give us your valuable feedback. If there is anything we can improve on or any other services you would like us to provide, send us an email at hello@kaleidohealth.com. We’ll be hard at work trying to make healthcare more customer-centric!