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Do you wish your pharmacy needs were met better? Currently, India has two main pharmacy models - retail medical shops (i.e. Apollo, MedPlus, Noble and others) and online pharmacy marketplaces (i.e. Medlife, 1mg, Practo, Netmeds and others). Let's take a look at both options -

Retail Medical Stores

Retail medical stores have been around for decades, offering patients the option of collecting medicines based on the prescription handed over to them by their doctor. There's an element of human interaction that is quite comforting, too; one can actually ask a live person for clarification regarding when to take medicines and what each medicine is really for. Furthermore, many medical shops offer other products, as well, ranging from toiletries and snacks to vitamins, supplements and protein shakes, so you can multitask on-the-go. Some medical shops even offer home-delivery, in case you are too ill or busy to visit them in-person.

Online Pharmacies

Contrastingly, online pharmacy marketplaces serve the customer by offering convenience and savings in the form of discounts. A patient simply needs to select the medication they want delivered on a website, upload the relevant prescription and then select a mode of payment in order to enjoy home delivery of medicines in a timely fashion. Most online pharmacies also offer big discounts on drugs, which is huge attraction for the cost-conscious Indian consumer. However, the key issue with an online pharmacy model is that preventative measures to prevent sales of habit-forming drugs is lacking. And, in some instances, delivery time can be slightly delayed, which puts customers behind schedule if they've already run out of critical medicines and were counting on the package reaching by a particular date.

Kaleido Box Subscription Pharmacy Service

Drawing from the best practices of both these of models - brick-and-mortar medical shops and online pharmacies - Kaleido is a new player in the Indian pharmacy landscape that takes customer convenience and safety measures to a whole other level. Kaleido makes adhering to one's medicine regimen really hassle-free through the following four ways -

1) Kaleido's team requires a prescription to make sure medicines are not being misused, so patient safety is not jeopardized. (similar to medical stores and online pharmacies)

2) Kaleido’s team of pharmacists speak to the customer to understand their medication and healthcare needs better. After conducting this thorough review, our team of pharmacists engage in educating each customer about the purpose of the various medicines that they are consuming. (this feature is entirely unique to our model)

3) Kaleido pre-sorts and organizes medicines into clearly labeled packets that are easy to read and open - this also prevents overdosing or skipping of medication. All of the packets are put into a single, centralized box to prevent confusion. (this feature is unique to our model)

4) Kaleido boxes are delivered to a patient's doorstep as per their schedule for maximum convenience. (similar to online pharmacies and some medical stores)

5) Kaleido's team closely monitors a patient's refills as per the original prescription so there are no gaps in the medication cycle (this feature is unique to our model).


In essence, Kaleido Health is an evolution of the retail pharmacy model - we offer a human touch + safety. However, we also offer the convenience of online pharmacies by providing doorstep delivery. But, what truly makes us special is that Kaleido offers a critical feature missing from both of these pre-existing models - personalized care. From educating customers to organizing medicines by dose to offering an easy-to-operate Website to register and pay, Kaleido is the smart way to go!

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