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Why subscribe to the Kaleido Box?


According to research studies, nearly 50% people fail to adhere to their medicine regimen, which actually poses quite a lot of health-related risks, including the possibility of re-hospitalization, delayed recovery and, in some cases, even death. Sounds alarming, doesn't it? In fact, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention point out that a substantial number of patients don't even bother to fill their NEW prescriptions at pharmacies.

While some instances of medicine non-adherence can be linked to financial issues (i.e. wanting to stretch limited medicines for a longer period), often people fail to to adhere to their medicine regimen because of absent-mindedness, being too busy to re-fill prescriptions or finding it difficult to keep track of each day's dose. And, this is precisely where the Kaleido Box subscription pharmacy service comes into play!

What's the Kaleido Box?

Whether you're concerned about a loved one or are interested in improving your own medicine adherence, the Kaleido Box is an easy-to-use subscription pharmacy service that makes adhering to one's medicine regimen really simple and hassle-free. All a customer needs to do is take the first step of sending us a photo of their prescription and we then see to it that they never miss a dose! Here are seven key ways in which the Kaleido Box subscription pharmacy service will make it easy-breezy for you to take your medicines properly and, in turn, reach your optimal health –

1. Pre-Sorted & Organized

Our team does the due diligence of sorting and organizing all your medicines so you don't have to waste time sifting through tons of pills, trying to figure out which one is meant to be taken when and in which quantity. We literally put your medicines into clearly labeled packets that are simple to read and open, so you neither overdose or skip anything. In addition to medicines, we also sort and organize vitamins and supplements, too!

2. No Confusion

Ever felt overwhelmed looking at a ton of pills scattered on your dining table? Ever struggled to remember which pills were meant to be taken on which days and before/after which meals? We label all of the medicine packets with the name, time and date of meds so there is no confusion - you can finally empower yourself with complete awareness of your medicine regimen so you can actually follow through!

3. Easy Access

If you have a habit of keeping medicines in different locations all around the house and then wonder where everything is, worry not! We put all of your pre-sorted, organized and clearly labeled medicine packets into one box for easy, centralized access.

4. At Your Service!

Ever felt too tired to go to the pharmacy and wait in line to pick up medicine? Ever been too busy to even go to the pharmacy to begin with? Or, do you keep forgetting to go there? Don't deal with the hassle of going to and from the pharmacy - we deliver everything to your doorstep for maximum convenience as per your schedule. Why travel to the pharmacy when the pharmacy is travelling to you?

5. Close Monitoring

Often times, one forgets to refill their prescriptions. And, if we feel we're getting better before the full course of our medication is over, sometimes we don't even pay attention to the fact that we still have more meds to take to nip the health issue in the bud in its entirety. C'mon, we've all been guilty of this at one time or the other. Our team monitors your meds closely (remember, we ask for your original prescription in the beginning), and follows-up with you regarding refills as and when appropriate so you can remain thorough in the road to recovery, no matter how long or short it may be!

6. Customization

If you suddenly need to take additional medicines for other health conditions that emerge, or your healthcare provider suggests changing your medication mid-way, our team can address all of these medicine-related updates with ease. Even if you have certain medicines that are not meant to be taken regularly, in addition to your long-term medicines, vitamins and supplements, we can send you those particular meds in traditional blister packs along with your Kaleido box. We're your one-stop shop!

7. Save Money

Skipping medicine doses actually ends up wasting your hard-earned money. With a service that helps you take all your doses as they are meant to be consumed, medicine wastage is eliminated and you end up saving on medication costs. Furthermore, if a user happens to suffer from a chronic condition like heart disease or diabetes, adhering to a prescribed medication regimen better improves health metrics (i.e. HbA1c and blood glucose for diabetes patients) which in turn indicates health improvement which then reduces healthcare expenses in the long-run. In essence, if a patient manages their metrics properly, health won't deteriorate and complicated procedures and/or situations requiring hospitalization are warded off.


Surveys indicate 76% of patients adhere to medicine regimes when they find it convenient, and the Kaleido Box is a multi-faceted subscription pharmacy service intervention that will improve your adherence to your prescription for the full duration so you can attain better health! 100% genuine medicines matching your exact prescription. Easy organization and information labelling. Home delivery. Refill reminders/follow-ups. Our service is kind of like a well-wisher that helps you stay on track so you can get back on track with your health! A great deal of thought and genuine effort goes into packaging each person's Kaleido box to make a positive difference in their life.

Want to sign yourself or a loved one up for the Kaleido Box subscription pharmacy service? We're offering a 1-month free trial so you can experience the above mentioned seven benefits first-hand by using the coupon code 'TRYBOX'. Click 'Login' to get started!

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