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Tommy Joseph, Changanassery, Kerala

I started subscribing to the Kaleido Box service for my mother, who lives in Changanassery (a small town 80km from Kochi). She is 79 years old and she is a chronic diabetic and cardiac disease patient.


The issue with her, in spite of having to take 14 tablets a day, she used to forget to take her medicines. But now, thanks to Kaleido, she is so happy taking her medicines because it comes in a handy pouch with her name, date, time and list of medicines.


I would strongly recommend Kaleido for all those patients taking more than five medicines (a day) and tends to forget medicines.


The Kaliedo Box is delivered at home in Changanassery, 4 days in advance before the due date.

Aldrin Gomez, Kochi, Kerala

My family and I had great difficulty in getting my mother (who is now 75 years old) to take her medicines as prescribed by her doctor. She needs to take more than 7 tablets a day. She used to forget to take her medicines and there have been cases of her skipping her medicines because the organizing process was too tedious for her.


After introducing her to the Kaleido Box, medicine organization service, she is now able to take her medicines by herself and moreover looks forward to taking her medicines.


My family and I highly recommend the Kaleido Box, dose-based medicine organization service to anyone who finds it difficult to take their medicines or supplements as prescribed.

Sebi Raphael, Thrissur, Kerala

The Kaleido Box service offered by Kaleido Health is excellent. My mom is not regular in consuming her tablets. In some cases, she requires, half or one fourth of a tablet. I’ve noticed that she does not take the pain to cut the tablets in all instances.


The dose-based medicine organization offered by Kaleido Health where they arrange the tablets by dose, ordered by time and date is extremely useful for her. In addition, they provide door delivery of the medicines. It is very helpful for the elderly.


The staff at Kaleido Health are also great about following up on the next months medicines. The service they offer is very unique and helpful for a caregiver like myself and for my elderly mother.

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