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Kaleido Box

Your medicines, now organized.

Kaleido box is your personalized medicine pill box organizer. We ensure that you don’t miss even a single dose of our medicines.

WHO statistics state that


of individuals don’t adhere to their medications regimen as prescribed by their doctor

Study data suggests that a


decrease in adherence will occur with each
additional daily dose

Patients with caregivers were found to be


less likely to be non-adherent to
medication regimens

Organized by dose

All your medicine sourced, sorted and packed in convenient sachets to simplify life

100% Genuine Medicines

We're a licensed pharmacy that provide 100% genuine medicines as per your prescription

Automated refill reminders

We keep track of all your medications so you never miss a dose

Customer Support

Our courteous staffs are always available and just a call away

Kaleido Box works

Register online or give us a call to learn more about our services

Upload your prescription. Our pharmacists will contact you to review your medicine schedule and meet with you in person to better understand your requirement.

If you have multiple prescriptions, upload them all.

We organize your medicines by dose and pack it into the Kaleido Box – your personalized medicine storage box.

We deliver your organized medicines to your doorstep

We will follow-up as appropriate and provide medicine refills. Once you register, we take care of all your medication needs.

We will call up and confirm your medicine details before packing your refills.

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Aldrin Gomez, Kochi, Kerala

My family and I had great difficulty in getting my mother (who is now 75 years old) to take her medicines as prescribed by her doctor. She needs to take more than 7 tablets a day. She used to forget to take her medicines and there have been cases of her skipping her medicines because the organizing process was too tedious for her.


After introducing her to the Kaleido Box, medicine organization service, she is now able to take her medicines by herself and moreover looks forward to taking her medicines.


My family and I highly recommend the Kaleido Box, dose-based medicine organization service to anyone who finds it difficult to take their medicines or supplements as prescribed.

Sebi Raphael, Thrissur, Kerala

The Kaleido Box service offered by Kaleido Health is excellent. My mom is not regular in consuming her tablets. In some cases, she requires, half or one fourth of a tablet. I’ve noticed that she does not take the pain to cut the tablets in all instances.


The dose-based medicine organization offered by Kaleido Health where they arrange the tablets by dose, ordered by time and date is extremely useful for her. In addition, they provide door delivery of the medicines. It is very helpful for the elderly.


The staff at Kaleido Health are also great about following up on the next months medicines. The service they offer is very unique and helpful for a caregiver like myself and for my elderly mother.

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