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Peace of mind delivered in a box

We offer the Kaleido Box as a subscription pharmacy service that enables adherence to your
prescribed medicine regimen.

Subscribe semi-annually

  • Rs. 1500/- for 6 months (save Rs. 300) **
  • Kaleido Box service for 6 months (up to 5 doses per
  • Get Flat 5% discount on medicines ***
  • Includes home delivery
  • Includes regular follow-ups
    and refill reminders


excluding taxes

Subscribe annually

  • Rs. 3000/- for 12 months (save
    Rs. 600) **
  • Kaleido Box service for 12 months (up to 5 doses per
  • Get Flat 10% discount on medicines ***
  • Includes home delivery
  • Includes regular follow-ups
    and refill reminders


excluding taxes

Subscribe monthly

  • Rs. 300/- for 1 month
  • Kaleido Box service for 1 month (up to 5 doses per
  • Includes home delivery


excluding taxes

Subscribe to Kaleido medical store subscription plan today to get health, medicines and peace of
mind delivered to your doorstep.
Subscribe to stay informed about medicines, health, adherence and other Kaleido offers
  • *After the 5 th dose, for each additional daily dose, we’ll include a convenience fee of Rs. 30/dose.
  • **6-month subscriptions cover up to 7 deliveries in the subscription period and 12-month
    subscription covers up to 15 deliveries in the subscription period.
  • ***There may be minor variations in the rates offered based on the brands chosen.


Aldrin Gomez, Kochi, Kerala

My family and I had great difficulty in getting my mother (who is now 75 years old) to take her medicines as prescribed by her doctor. She needs to take more than 7 tablets a day. She used to forget to take her medicines and there have been cases of her skipping her medicines because the organizing process was too tedious for her.


After introducing her to the Kaleido Box, medicine organization service, she is now able to take her medicines by herself and moreover looks forward to taking her medicines.


My family and I highly recommend the Kaleido Box, dose-based medicine organization service to anyone who finds it difficult to take their medicines or supplements as prescribed.

Sebi Raphael, Thrissur, Kerala

The Kaleido Box service offered by Kaleido Health is excellent. My mom is not regular in consuming her tablets. In some cases, she requires, half or one fourth of a tablet. I’ve noticed that she does not take the pain to cut the tablets in all instances.


The dose-based medicine organization offered by Kaleido Health where they arrange the tablets by dose, ordered by time and date is extremely useful for her. In addition, they provide door delivery of the medicines. It is very helpful for the elderly.


The staff at Kaleido Health are also great about following up on the next months medicines. The service they offer is very unique and helpful for a caregiver like myself and for my elderly mother.

Questions you may have

No, there is no long-term commitment to using the Kaleido Box service. If you are not happy with the service or would like to switch for any reason, you just need to let us. We’d appreciate it if you let us know 2 weeks before you expect to receive your next Kaleido Box cause we are always planning for the next month, to ensure that you don’t miss any medication doses. If you using the 6-month or 12-month subscription service and would like to stop your subscription for any reason, just give us a call at +91 99958 23539 or send us an email at

After your upload your prescription, our pharmacists will digitize the prescription and estimate the cost of your medicines and the Kaleido Box service. We'll send you a payment link via email and/or a text message, you can use the payment gateway to complete the payment for the medicines and the Kaleido Box service. If you have any questions, give us a call at +91 99958 23539.

If your medicine costs are covered by insurance, then you'll be able to submit your medication invoice from Kaleido Health to get reimbursement from your insurance company. If you have any questions regarding insurance reimbursement, give us a call and we are happy to help you with any queries/concerns.

We will never charge more than the MRP (maximum retail price) of the medicines. We typically provide discounts on the cost of medicines. Review our pricing page to choose the most appropriate subscription plan for your needs.

We offer three different subscription plans that can be used to avail the Kaleido Box service, a) order-to-order, b) 6-month subscription and c) 12-month subscription. Our Kaleido Box subscription service charges and offers are detailed on the pricing page.

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